Dhadkan (2013)

“Dhadkan” – Come and feel your heartbeat.
July 12th – 13th, 2013 at Tulsa PAC SummerStage Festival.
“Dhadkan” means Heartbeat. This theatrical show is based on the notion that dance and music is the heartbeat of the human soul. It is conceived and directed by Priya Raju and presented by the Tulsa Folkloric Dance Theater as part of SummerStage Tulsa PAC. The audience is taken on an adventurous journey through the eyes of a little girl trying to understand the positive impact of dance and music everywhere. Musical acts include Chinese spirited lion dance, colorful Indian classical and Bollywood dance, beautiful Middle Eastern belly dance, rhythmic salsa and contemporary hip-hop. Dhadkan depicts that cultural diversity can bring a spirit of unity and be the ‘heartbeat’ reminding us that the world is one giant community.
The performance is on two nights, July 12th and 13th, at 7:30 PM in the Liddy Doenges theatre at the Tulsa PAC.

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